Grow With Us!

Your business deserves long term sustainable growth!

The days of newspaper ads and billboards are coming to a close.  
Every year small businesses realize that gaining a foothold in the internet space is vital for survival.
Here at Wadleigh Digital we don’t just want you to survive, we want you to thrive!
With Facebook™ and other internet sources, we will drive highly targeted, local, motivated customers right into your lap. 

We build custom Facebook™ and Internet campaigns that deliver high quality leads!

Our approach is custom fitted to your area, mission, goals, and personality. Most marketers use a cookie cutter approach learned in an overpriced program. WDS offers real world experience and results. You will never receive a recycled ad or approach. Whatever business you are, in we will work with you.

Only 5 businesses will receive two weeks of our service FREE!

Please note:
Because of our custom tailored approach, we will only take 5 new customers this month.
All clients are carefully screened to see if we can 100% reach your goals. 

Just contact us for a strategy call or ask for our email questionnaire,
We will find out if your business is a fit for us, but more importantly:
Are we a fit for you?
We are more than confident that you will love the results.
You cover the ad spend*, and we cover the rest!**

 *$350. minimum Facebook Ad Spend Required.
**Set up fee maybe applied if there is no facebook business page or sales funnel in place.

Focus on your area of expertise, we handle the rest.

We will create a custom ad campaign
Establish your target market
Zero in on your demographic
Closely monitor your campaign

Until we reach and surpass your goals. 

Facebook is where your customers are.

There are over one billion current users on Facebook
These numbers will not be declining anytime soon.
Combining paid Facebook traffic and organic sales will
bring your business to the next level.

If you are not on Facebook your customers can’t find you.

Thoughts from the Founder

Valued Perspective Client,

          There are several core values I instilled in my marketing service.  A straightforward no nonsense approach. Your time is valuable so we will never waste it with gimmicks or sales pitches. Honest result driven service. Establishing trust is a two way street. Delivering quality results is out first step in growing a fruitful business relationship. Custom tailor made campaigns. Most marketers find a formula and reuse it many times over. Here at Wadleigh Digital we realize that every business is as unique as the people who run it. We build your ad campaigns accordingly. Crystal clear communication. This is one of the reasons we keep our client pool small. Before entering into a service agreement we will know 100% what you are paying for. All concerns will addressed and we will work together. You will also receive detailed weekly reports and updates.
         Most importantly, A positive abundance centered attitude. We are big believers in “like attracts like”. The internet market is growing exponentially every year. You have plenty of willing customers waiting to discover you! Now let’s make that happen! It is no accident that you found us. Schedule a free strategy call or fill out our  questionnaire. If we see eye to eye, you will be offered 2 weeks of Facebook marketing for free. You only pay for the ads. These 2 weeks can turn into a fruitful, profitable, abundant long term business relationship. Now schedule soon, before one of  your competitors does. 

Kyle Wadleigh Sr.
Founder/Lead Marketing Strategist